Horse Boarding

We have a beautifully appointed barn that gives you access to a fully covered indoor riding arena!  Pastures are easily accessible for outdoor riding along with a through the woods and around the pond trail ride for further enjoyment.

Some of our amenities include:

  • Large Round Pen
  • Large Wash Station with Hot/Cold Water
  • Conference Room for events
  • Overlook for Auditing events
  • Full Kitchen
  • Bathrooms with Shower – Lockers available

We are excited to note that our facility is growing, and with that always comes some growing pains! Please be mindful of various construction projects taking place that we are doing to help make our facility more enjoyable and convenient for everyone!  Also, watch your step, and be careful around equipment that may be left out.  This is only temporary, and we want everyone to be safe!

  Our Full Board Services Include:  

  • Assigned Horse Stall with mats
  • Stall maintenance
  • AM/PM Feeding of grain and supplements/medications (provided by the owner)
  • All horses are given a top-quality orchard hay mixture which will be provided twice daily in stall (no hay nets allowed) and full hay access when in pasture (provided by our facility)
  • Daily turnout (weather permitting)
  • Fly Spray; fly boots; fly mask; and blanketing services provided as needed (all spray/gear to be supplied/furnished by owner)
  • Water troughs/buckets are cleaned and filled manually to ensure adequate water intake both in stall and pasture.

Owners are responsible for scheduling vet and farrier services as needed. (A hold fee of $10/hour is charged if owner is unavailable and prior notice must be given to barn management, unless it is an emergency.) The barn manager will schedule a day to perform de-worming and vaccinations (provided by owner) on all horses.


 The indoor arena, round pen,  grass pastures, and trails are available for all boarders and clients to utilize.  When an activity or other event is scheduled that will prohibit access to one of these areas, notice will be posted by the barn manager at least 24 hours in advance (Note: Classes and other activities are scheduled and conducted, so please be courteous and mindful of the posted schedule). An approved riding instructor is available for scheduling lessons (see Services page for contact information; fees are subject to change and lessons are scheduled based on availability of the instructor).

 Partial Board:

Our Partial Board is available for owners that may not need a stall.  Horses under this option will be provided all the same services as a Full Board Option, but without an assigned stall and daily turnout.  (Note: Every pasture for Rough Board horses has large shelter structures for additional protection and comfort. Owners under this boarding agreement will have their horses assigned to a fully secure pasture.


For more questions regarding our boarding options, please contact Cockade Stables at 804-586-2119 or email us at

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