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A New Year does not mean you need a NEW YOU!!!

I read a recent post from a friend stating that she was RENEWING herself for 2018! “What an odd resolution for the New Year” I thought to myself!  But as I continued to read her post it was about loving who we already are, where we have been, and what we have become!  New Year’s Resolutions can become all about change and even worse, making us focus on the negative things in our life from the previous year!  But what about the GOOD things we are or have done! Sure we can all be better by maintaining focus, setting goals, and becoming better versions of ourselves!  So here is a thought, what if our resolution this year is to just LOVE who you already are, LOVE who you are becoming, AND RENEW YOU!

The products that we support and endorse are tools that can help you this year, and for years to come, to continue LOVING YOU!

Our Nikken Story

As a member of the Nikken family, we thank you for visiting our products page. We hope to share with you the rewards of enjoying a wellness lifestyle – an opportunity that only Nikken offers. In 1975 Nikken introduced the concept of total wellness, an emphasis on balance in all aspects of living. For more than 30 years this philosophy has helped millions of people around the world to maintain good health and achieve financial

security.  And as you will see, you can enjoy this satisfying and rewarding lifestyle without changing the way you already live. Nikken products, a Nikken Wellness Home and, if you wish, a Nikken business may help you to attain your dreams. Here is our story: Click Here to view our Story

 The Nikken Story

At Nikken our mission is to help people discover a better way of life and provide them the means to live it and share the benefits. Nikken was founded in Japan in 1975 by Isamu Masuda, who saw a common problem and devised a solution. The problem: millions of people suffered from sore feet and the fatigue this produces in the entire body. His solution was the invention of the first Nikken product, the Magstep®. His inspiration for the energizing massage nodes on the insoles was derived from the pebbled surface at the bottom of a Japanese public bath. He added magnetism to intensify the field of energy.

Magsteps are an example of a pioneering idea-wellness solutions based on the natural world. Nikken takes these solutions much further with a vision of caring and helping others. Over the years, Nikken has pioneered state-of-the-art technologies, including PiMag® water filtration in 2000, improved Air Wellness® Technology and Kenzen® Organic-Based Nutrition in 2008. DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology debuted in 2012.

A team of dedicated professionals began to assemble, drawn to Nikken by the company’s unique purpose. In 1984, Toshizo (Tom) Watanabe joined the Nikken Family, initially a director of training, and opened the first Nikken office in North America in 1989.

In 2009, Nikken announced a new executive management team under Kurt Fulle. Late in 2014, his team began a makeover of the Nikken network marketing business model, which now put equal emphasis on sponsoring and retailing. Attracting customers by offering premium products at competitive pricing became the new way to build a successful business. This idea was revolutionary to conventional network marketing thinking.


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