“AWAKEN” Educators Re-Certification Course

Ready for re-certification points educators? Look no further. Welcome to “Awaken”. This course was written by and will be taught by Amy Grieco. The curriculum for this course is based on the culture course Amy wrote and taught for several years at the college. Some topics include:

* An understanding of how environmental factors impact the
developing brain;

* Explore root causes of common struggles in American
children, such as ADD/ADHD, autism, anxiety, processing
disorders, and more;

* Examination of the newest developments in research;

* Awareness of how we can prevent common and increasing
insults to the developing brain and provide intervention

Please contact Amy Grieco if you are interested in registering for this course and would like to pay by cash or check:

Comments from educators who completed

the culture course that Awaken is based on:

“This information needs to be available for the community.”

“This course changed my family and helped me be a better teacher.”

“I loved this class. I didn’t want it to end.”

“I was able to change the dynamic of my class after taking this

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