Advancing Horsemanship Clinic…

There are many people teaching horsemanship, the study of getting along with a horse. But are you also learning about the training and development of your horse? It is your responsibility to educate them or get them education so they can be a productive member of society. 21558795_1162901047174158_3831922467213183542_n

We are going to delve into not only how to get along with your horse so they enjoy learning with and from you but also how to teach your horse what you want them to know and how not to teach them what you DON’T want them to know! We will set you on a path of learning and progress or help you back on it or further down that road if you’re already on it.
It shouldn’t be scary, boring, stressful or a chore to be around, handle and ride your horse. Your horse can even enjoy and be relaxed while being worked with. 18952726_1102987369832193_2169637584300467852_nWe are coming to share with you how it can be no big deal to get where your horse can do some fun things and also get ready and go for that ride you and your horse have been dreaming of.


804-862-2588 Messenger

Please download, review, and return the following forms as needed to complete your registration. 

Advancing Horsemanship Clinic – Full Payment


Advancing Horsemanship Clinic – Deposit

This deposit along with completed paperwork above will secure your spot in the clinic.


Auditor Fee for Advanced Horsemanship Clinic


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