H.E.R.O. Training with Jake…

Jake teaching during his visit last summer!

Human Education Reproducible Outcomes

This past summer we had the distinct pleasure of hosting Jake Biernbaum for a weekend Horsemanship Clinic. For those that were able to participate, the experience was unlike anything we could have ever expected! In just 2 days, we learned so much about our horses and ourselves and we couldn’t wait to ask Jake back!

Join us this April to learn to be your own ‘HERO’ and your horses ‘HERO’ too!

Learn to do it yourself to your best abilities. Have the support, passion, and team to get you there. There are no tricks, no sale pitches. It’s not about what you choose to do with your horse. It’s about being safe while doing it.

There are many people teaching horsemanship, the study of getting along with a horse. But are you also learning about the training and development of your horse? It is your responsibility to educate them or get them education so they can be a productive member of society.

We are going to delve into not only how to get along with your horse so they enjoy learning with and from you but also how to teach your horse what you want them to know and how not to teach them what you DON’T want them to know! We will set you on a path of learning and progress or help you back on it or further down that road if you’re already on it.

It shouldn’t be scary, boring, stressful or a chore to be around, handle and ride your horse. Your horse can even enjoy and be relaxed while being worked with. We are coming to share with you how it can be no big deal to get where your horse can do some fun things and also get ready and go for that ride you and your horse have been dreaming of.

Contact-Nancy (804)586-4401

Saturday & Sunday Clinic—$450 for the weekend(limited spaces/$100 non-refundable without 30 days cancellation notice, deposit will secure your place)

Full Clinic Payment


Clinic Deposit to secure your place


Please note that we must receive your notice of cancellation by 5:00 pm on March 18th, 2020 to receive a full refund. Notice must be received in writing by emailing khcstables@gmail.com. If notice is not received by that time, $100 of your payment will not be refunded.

1 hour Private Sessions

Jake will hold 1 hour private sessions on Monday, April 20th.


1 hour Semi-Private Lessons

Jake will also be available for 1 hour semi-private lessons


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