Our Horses

Every horse has a story just like we do and each story has its its ups and downs!  But here at Cockade Stables, the happy moments are plentiful for us all.  At some point, we all are in need of rescuing, and we are blessed to have horses that are not only rescued, but somehow find a way to rescue us right back!

Meet our Program Horses

Zepplin is our newest addition to the herd!

scout 5

Scout is a Rescue Horse from West Virginia Horse Network.  Rescue horses come with so many unanswered questions and unknown backgrounds!  Sometimes they are broken, lost, and near death.  Other stories, like Scout’s,  find horses that are just misunderstood and left without anyone really taking their time to get to know them.  Bonding with a horse like Scout is difficult because he has learned to rely on himself for so long.  Scout radiated with self-reliance and a strong survival instinct!  Both his spirit and beauty were captured in some photos taken at the rescue, and he immediately took our breath away! Kim and Nancy made the long drive to West Virginia to pick him up, and in September of 2016 they became his new co-owners.  The bonds between them continue to grow stronger and stronger. Scout is now with his forever people, learning to trust, to belong, and to fit in.  Scout loves treats, being groomed, letting children ride him, and is even learning some new fun ground tricks, like bowing!

Stay tuned for updates and more special horse stories….

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