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Cockade Stables is the home of Khamrada’s Hope, a local family owned business that offers several types of Experiential Learning and Education Programs for people of all ages and in all walks of life. Through these programs, Amy Grieco, owner and founder of Khamrada’s Hope, provides expert training on individual health and wellness, and finding balance as we face life’s many challenges!
We offer family focused experiential programs that have been tailored to focus on the ever changing needs of families in today’s culture. As families juggle jobs, finances, health, and raising a family, our Power Program provide solutions to help families get on track to discovering TRUE balance and wellness together!
You’ve probably heard it said “It takes a villiage!” This couldn’t be more true than it is in our culture today! That is why we also offers several education certification courses. These courses are available to anyone serving in the field of education, from private school to public school to home school. Our certification courses provide educators with the tools you need to get more creative and engage with your students, as well as child safety and awareness.

Which program is right for you!!!

Educator’s Certification Courses

Our Educator’s Certification Courses provide educator’s with the State Mandated Teacher Certifications needed for state licensing in a new and exciting format that will help them grow personally and professionally!

Understanding Children in the Current Culture

Child Abuse Recognition and Response Certification Course

Social-Emotional Learning Certification Course


Power with Purpose!

The Khamrada’s Power Programs focus on personal growth, parent and child education, and overcoming childhood trauma or difficult circumstances.

Khamrada’s Parenting Power Program


Our Parenting Power Program provides parents and individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to embrace your internal power as a person as well as a parent! In this program you will learn the importance of overall health and wellness for you and your family. Click Here to learn more and discover your Parenting Power!

Khamrada’s Kids Power Program


Through Khamrada’s Kids Power, children will learn important developmental exercises while riding a horse, taking care and interacting with various types of farm animals, and participate in several other activities that teach balance and wellness.

Additional Course Resources

“I believe a great leader first and foremost MUST work on themselves, be self-aware of one’s own actions, reactions, thoughts, behaviors and beliefs and learn how to improve them. ” Gena Yarrish.
Harness Your Purpose, Power & Peace
Building a Better You!
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For insanely, high achieving leaders and entrepreneurs looking to balance emotions and performance.


As an international membership association, E3A is committed to equine experiential education (E3) and to enhancing the performance of educators, coaches, and professional development trainers who partner with horses as co-facilitators.

E3A is a professional organization that provides excellence and a more traditional training approach to the corporate, educational, coaching and personal development fields through learning experiences based on the horse/human connection.

In 2017 Amy and her husband Jeff, attended the 1st International E3A Conference. Amy is a LEVEL II E3A CERTIFIED ADVANCED PRACTITIONER.

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